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Environmental Guidelines for Major Construction Sites

I would encourage all companies involved in the design and construction of major roads and development projects to use these Guidelines . Best Practice Environmental Management publications are produced by Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to encourage a pro-active approach to environmental management by industry.

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Improving Spatial Allocation of Construction Equipment ...

is important to allocate construction equipment emissions accurately. Default spatial allocation of construction equipment emissions, which allocates emissions to all urban areas, is often inaccurate due to construction occurring at the outer edges of urban areas where new housing, commercial development, and roads are being built.

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Characterization of CO2 Emissions from Nonroad Diesel ...

construction sector. The United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) NONROAD model estimates that there are over two million items of construction and mining equipment currently in use across the nation and this equipment will use nearly seven billion gallons of diesel fuel in 2011.1 As a result, over 75 million tons of carbon ...

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13.2.3 Heavy Construction Operations - US EPA

A large portion of the emissions results from equipment traffic over temporary roads at the construction site. The temporary nature of construction differentiates it from other fugitive dust sources as to estimation and control of emissions. Construction consists of a series of different operations, each ... Heavy Construction Operations, EPA

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Requirements for importing off-road engines, equipment ...

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates imports of off-road engines, equipment, and vehicles (i.e. lawn, , garden, and construction equipment, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV). All imports of these items must conform to U.S. emissions standards.

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